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Why Digital Listings Management is Essential for Local Businesses

Think about the last time you looked for a local business. Did you use your phone and search “[service] near me?” If so, you aren’t alone. Over the last few years, there has been a 200% increase in ‘near me’ searches. So, if a local business isn’t easily found in a search result, it won’t show up among the competition. Digital Listings Management is a service that has been on the market for a while, but most small and medium-sized businesses are just learning about its essential benefits.
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What’s the Difference Between Local Service Ads and Google Ads?

As a local business, you want to connect with local customers looking for the services or products you provide. You’ve probably invested time and money into optimizing your website, and you may have even paid for Google Ads. But you’re missing out on the most highly qualified leads around if you’re not focusing on Google Local Service Ads.
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4 Tips to Increase Search Visibility for Your Local Pages

In the business environment of 2019, consumers expect – more than ever – their search results to be relevant to their particular location and context. According to marketing research done by the Local Search Association,  as of early 2017, approximately 30 billion Google searches are done every month with nearly one-third of those having some sort of “local intent.” And that’s only for Google.
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How Incorrect Online Listings are Losing You Customers

Congratulations! You’ve opened a brand-new business. You did the market research, planned a grand-opening campaign and even created a website and a social media page for the customers you want to reach. Now, it’s time to sit back and wait for your clients to find you. Or, perhaps, you’re a seasoned veteran of your business and you’ve just opened your tenth location in a new city. People know your name, know your products, your brand, and you already have a faithful following on the social m...
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