Geofencing + Location-Based Marketing Services

The Places You Visit Are The Best Indicators of True Intent


Location-Based Technology that Builds Brand Awareness

Geofencing is essentially a virtual fence built around a targeted area that allows you to track customers as they enter and leave the designated perimeter. It may sound invasive, but it’s not actually tracking the person as they go through their day. Instead, you are virtually creating a perimeter around a specific area or place so that you can be alerted when a potential customer has entered that field.

Our geofencing solution creates a digital billboard to target individuals living, working and/or visiting a specific location, place, or geographic area. Once crossing through a virtual fence, those individuals are served ads for your business on their mobile devices. 

For example, if you own a car dealership, you can put a virtual fence around other car dealerships so as individuals visit your competitors they can begin seeing ads for your business. Location-based marketing has been very successful for many of our clients, The places you visit are the best indicator of true buying intent after all. 

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Impact Group Marketing - Geofencing



Impact Group Marketing - Geofencing

What Is Included?

  • Multiple impression packages and price points
  • Graphic design, performance tracking & reporting
  • Placement on multiple networks, covering over 97% of all US US based desktop and mobile sites
  • Guaranteed 1% click through ratio on every campaign
  • Unlimited data selects, geographic, demographic and psychographic overlays
  • Traffic is T.A.G. certified & displayed “above the fold” to virtually eliminate ad fraud
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