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Training Materials Design, Production + Logistics

Have you ever thought about how your organization trains new employees or provides ongoing training for existing employees? Good training materials are invaluable and ensure that everyone receives the same information with nothing left to guesswork. They provide employers a way to make sure new employees have the necessary information and skills needed to succeed at their job. For existing employees, up-to-date and thorough training materials are a good point of reference later. Nothing creates a barrier to learning new material faster than poorly-designed or printed materials. Great training materials will provide real support to the person(s) doing the training.



It is rare to find a company that delivers at the level that the Impact Group Marketing does. The quality of their deliverables has been outstanding. Their knowledge, professionalism, and detailed communication provided the guidance I needed to make informed business decisions. [The] staff were always accessible if I had questions or concerns. Within a couple of weeks of using them to market us, we have already seen sales. I cannot emphasize enough the value their work has brought to us.
- Robert Winter, Trinity Training & Development & Founder of the Front Line Leadership Program



Training Material Development & Printing

The Impact Group Advantage, Start to Finish!

Our team has the background and expertise in educational technology and instructional design to help custom-design the training materials you need.

  • Our talented graphic designers can make the materials engaging and professional.
  • Our full-time professional production team reviews every job to ensure a quality product every time.
  • Our in-house logistics capabilities can package and ship your materials anywhere in the world. 
  • We are affordable, reliable, and always working for you.



The right materials at the right time and in the right place. Every time.

Whether you’re a small business with a specific niche’ market, a non-profit organization, a large business with your own training and development department, or a company that sells training, Impact Group Marketing can meet your needs.

We want you to find the best way to present your training materials to your target audience – helping you build, produce, and distribute materials including workbooks, training guides, reports, and handouts. All printing, binding, and assembly are done in-house to ensure a consistent and quality product and experience for learners. 


Training Material Design, Production & Logistics




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