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We all know that a small business wouldn’t make it without marketing. Marketing is essential to creating and maintaining competition, demand, relevance, reputation, and more. So, why do many small business owners say they actually hate marketing?

Here’s an analogy for you – Marketing is like laundry.

Does anyone LOVE to do laundry? Probably not. But we like (and need) clean clothes every day. We do the thing we don’t enjoy because we want (and need) the result.

Marketing is like laundry in the small business world. Even if you don’t love it, you have to do it so people can learn about your products and services. Believe it or not, some people enjoy marketing – they find it creative and stimulating. However, there are many who actually hate it. If this is you, don’t despair! When you stay focused on the result, you can do whatever it takes to succeed.

Let’s look at some reasons you may hate marketing.

1. Are you uncomfortable with marketing?

People often say they “hate” something when what they really mean is they don’t understand it or don’t know enough about it. Why not take a class or read a book on the marketing techniques you want to implement? Setting aside a few minutes daily to learn about specific marketing methods will make it less confusing and help you feel more confident and competent.

2. Are you overwhelmed by all the marketing options?

There are dozens of traditional marketing techniques – and even more digital marketing methods. So, it’s no wonder you feel confused and overwhelmed! A strong marketing plan is essential to strategically choosing the best marketing techniques for your message and target audience.

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3. Do you think marketing is tacky?

Some people are worried they’ll appear sleazy or manipulative if they market their business. They think marketing will make them look like a used-car salesman. But do you really believe your audience will think that way about you?

As a consumer yourself, you know what kinds of marketing you dislike. If some marketing techniques turn you off, they’ll likely also turn your audience off. So, trust your instinct and don’t use those techniques when marketing your business.

4. Is marketing too time-consuming?

To reach your goals and be successful, you must be willing to invest in marketing your business. Marketing can be demanding and time-consuming. Building relationships with your target audience takes time, effort, and money. Creating an effective marketing plan for your business involves research, strategy, consistent engagement, earning trust, and producing quality work. And with over 70 marketing techniques available, it takes time to identify the ones that will work best for your brand and yield the biggest results. If you don’t have time to do your own marketing, hire a marketing agency to help you.

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Bottom Line

Like doing your laundry, marketing is essential. Without it, your business won’t be successful and may not even survive. And (like laundry), you can hire someone to do it for you if you really hate doing it.

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