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Is Digital Printing Right for Your Business?

Digital printing transfers digital images directly onto various media – paper, card stock, fabric, canvas, etc. Since there are no printing plates like traditional or offset printing, digital printing is an excellent and cost-effective option for customers who don’t need to mass-produce anything. Impact Group Marketing has a full-time, professional production team that provides in-house digital printing services that can take your business to the next level.
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Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Local Printing Partner

When you’re looking for a printer for your personal or business needs, you have a multitude of options. In fact, if you search Google for “printing company,” you’ll get over 12 million results – including local printing companies as well as national and regional printers. So, how do you choose a printing company you can trust to print your materials right – the first time? Let’s look at 5 reasons you should partner with a local printing company:
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Traditional Marketing in the Modern Age

As a digital marketing company, we place a lot of emphasis on digital design and marketing. However, our driving vision is to be “your source for impactful digital AND print marketing solutions.” Your unique branding and design are important and relevant in both the digital and print realm. We believe that traditional marketing has a very real place today even in the digital age.
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Direct Mail Marketing 2.0

Even in the digital age, direct mail remains a key component to any marketing strategy, and, in some instances, can even be more effective. Direct mail marketing uses a mail service (such as the US Postal Service) to deliver some form of promotional piece of printed material directly to your target audience, including catalogs, brochures, sales ads, postcards, and newsletters.
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Putting Ideas on Paper with Print Production

Business cards, party invitations, graduation announcements, new baby announcements, thank-you cards, change-of-address notices, Christmas cards, notepads - the list is endless. The expert print team at Evolve Impact Group (EIG) can make your dreams and ideas a reality. We offer full in-house digital printing services in color or black and white with a variety of paper and envelope options, combining low cost with quality services and materials.
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Digital Printing 101

Printing is printing, right? Not exactly. Traditional – or analog – printing methods (such as offset printing) require printing plates to transfer an image or text onto a media substrate. Digital printing presses transfer the image directly onto the media substrate.
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Evolve Impact Group Announces Partnership with the Purchasing Solutions Alliance!

Evolve Impact Group has been awarded the Purchasing Solutions Alliance Contract No. 17-207-01 for Digital Printing Services. The contract is intended for use by municipalities, county agencies, schools, higher education, churches and most non-profit organizations.
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Training Materials 101

Have you ever thought about how your organization trains new employees or provides ongoing training for existing employees? Good training materials are invaluable.
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Tips for Running a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Even in the digital age, direct mail is still a key component to any marketing strategy and in some instances, can even be more effective. Targeted direct mail has a 4.4% response rate compared to email’s response rate of only 0.12%. Printed marketing materials also build credibility with your target audience and have even been proven effective by neurological research: The brain processes print information differently than information on a digital screen. Readers of print information can read ...
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Choosing the Right Paper for Your Project

Creating the perfect design for your next marketing project isn’t enough to ensure a perfect final product. You must also consider what type of paper to use. Often, people incorrectly assume that choosing the highest quality paper available in their price range is the way to go. Instead, you should use the most appropriate paper for your specific project
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