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If you have ever bought or sold a house or any type of property, you may have heard the phrase, “Location, location, location.” Which is to say, if asked to list the top three things to consider when purchasing property, the answer for #1, #2, and #3 is: location. In the world of business, the argument could be similarly made when asked the question, “What is the foundation of your marketing strategy?” Answer: “Website, website, website.”

As discussed in previous blog articles, a great website is essential for success in today’s business marketplace. Because the vast majority of purchasing decisions are preceded by some online research, having a well-designed website that appears in online searches is a necessity. All messaging and marketing need to drive potential customers to your website.

Today, as always, the primary role of marketing is to attract visitors, convert them into potential leads, assist sales personnel in closing them as clients, and keep them coming back. Your website is the foundation for all marketing efforts. A website which clearly identifies your “brand” and conveys information that aligns with your organization’s mission and key features will make it easy to market a consistent message across all branding and marketing materials. Here’s another way to think about how important a website is to your entire digital strategy: “[Your website is] your global headquarters in the digital world, and for many prospects, the first destination in their journey to becoming a customer.”

Responsive design:

In today’s online environment, it’s no longer adequate to have a website which looks great on a laptop or desktop computer. It also needs to look great and be completely functional on mobile platforms, including tablets and smartphones. In 2018, 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide occurred on mobile phones – an increase of nearly 2% over 2017.

Use of social media and blogging:

A website which facilitates easy updates and addition of fresh content will automatically improve your ability to provide great links through social media platforms. Fresh content keeps followers and clients engaged and informed about your business or organization – and help ensure that your website will have maximum search engine placement in searches. Regular blog posts are one of the easiest ways to constantly push out fresh content. A new blog gets pushed out on social media and links directly back to your website. Voila! Instant engagement.

Networking and email campaigns:

Marketing is and always has been about making contacts and building relationships. So what role do websites play? Any conference, trade show, networking event, or conversation can be about marketing. Once an initial contact is made, follow up with an email or phone call and then follow that with checking out their website and connecting through social media platforms. Any new contacts can be added to an email distribution list for future campaigns. Each of these points of connection should ultimately drive potential clients in your target audience to your website. (See more on our blog post Social Selling: What is it?)

The Evolve Impact Group piece.

Our approach to website development begins with identifying your brand and the things which set your company apart from others in the marketplace. We develop a plan to ensure that the information posted on your website aligns with your organization’s “why” and that your message is consistent across all branding and marketing materials. Our websites use responsive design as well as a search engine friendly content management system which is not only easy for the end user to update but sets your website up for maximum search engine placement. Contact us today to learn how we can help about ensure that your website provides a great foundation for your overall marketing strategy.