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Why Should You Hire a Professional Logo Designer?

Last month, our blog articles focused on the importance of building your brand (For more, read Working with your Brand and How to Build Your Brand). At the core of your brand is your company’s logo, so it’s essential that your logo portrays your brand in a positive, memorable way. Building a distinct identity is essential to the growth of your business. Your logo should be instantly recognizable on its own and provide a mental link to your company. When people see your logo, they should not only associate it with your company, but also with the service that you provide. Often, logos designed by small business owners are unreadable, confusing, or don’t create the necessary instant, positive association. A professional logo designer can ensure an impactful logo design.

Why are professional logo designers a great investment?

Professional logo designers have a thorough understanding of colors, fonts, and design elements. Consumers have subconscious reactions to certain colors, fonts, and design elements based on previous associations. Also, different logo colors are best suited for specific industries. Evolve Impact Group’s Graphic Designer Erin O’Neal offers this example:

“Sometimes a small business owner doesn’t realize how much design trends influence their target audience’s buying behavior. For example, Microsoft chooses a certain shade of blue for their Windows home screen, and Google chooses something similar. Suddenly websites across the internet are using the same shade of blue. Consumers will feel comfortable trusting a company that utilizes those trending design elements in their materials because they are familiar with them and associate them with large, successful, reliable companies.”

Professional logo designers have the artistic ability to set your logo apart. Your logo will be uniquely yours, unlike a clip art design. It represents your business and your brand. You don’t want your company’s reputation to be confused with another company using the same clip art image in their logo.

Professional logo designers have years of training and experience. They not only understand the technical aspects of creating a logo, but they also understand consumer trends and marketing techniques. Their access to professional equipment will make your logo look far better than one that was designed on a home computer.

Professional logo designers know that no decision is arbitrary when it comes to creating a logo. Color choice, font choice, line thickness, and spacing all matter. A professional product ensures a quality, memorable logo that is not only attractive, but effective as well.

Let Evolve Impact Group design the perfect logo for your business! Professional logo design packages start at only $300, which includes multiple options to choose from based on your feedback. Revisions are also available to ensure that you’re highly satisfied with your logo. Our personalized solutions for your business ensure improved market presence and sustainable, long-term impact in the marketplace. Contact us today to learn more!