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July Client Spotlight

Justin Hancock (MPAS - PAC) - Integrity Urgent Care

This month, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Justin Hancock and Johnathan Bourland from Integrity Urgent Care. Evolve has been working with Integrity for about two years now, and what a growing relationship it has been – we have gotten to watch Integrity progress and open not one but TWO new locations throughout Texas! Check out our interview with below for some insight into Integrity’s day-to-day, and to get to know Justin and Johnathan a little bit better.

Tell me about yourself! How’d you get to where you are working for Integrity?

JH: “That actually goes back a long time. Dr. Dark is our CEO – he’s an ER doc, I met him probably back in 2011 when I started practicing in Waco… He opened 2 urgent cares there in Waco, and we ended up going to the same church. Fast forward to 2013, I was doing family medicine, and I just wanted to look for something different… I ended up getting a spot working for him at the urgent care, so that started a little more in-depth relationship with him… He found this spot (Integrity - College Station) available and wanted to venture out and open up another urgent care… he approached me and asked, “Hey, would you be interested in moving to College Station?” and I said, “Well… maybe?” He didn’t tell me what it was entailing…. And when he decided to spill the beans on everything I said, “Well when do you want me to move?””

What have some of the ups and downs of establishing and running Integrity Urgent Care – College Station been?
JH: “We just love coming to work every day – getting to see patients. Being on the owners’ side is fun… we get to choose what we get to incorporate in our daily practice.”

JH: “(There are downs to) running any business - the stress of trying to grow any business from the ground up… We’re kind of getting on the other end of it now, so it’s not as burdensome.”

JB: “There’s downs with any company, but I’d say the hard part… its either feast or famine. From an owners’ standpoint, the burden that you feel as a leader. For the most part… there are a lot more ups and downs.”

To read the remainder of this interview, click here! 

Product Spotlight: Business Cards 

Your business card should provide a number of things - at the minimum, these things include who you are, where you're located, and how to get in touch with you. However, this standard 3" x 2.5" piece of paper encompasses endless possibilities and potential. At Evolve Impact Group, we can help your business develop effective branding and best communicate it through authentic and modern design and printing. We offer a wide variety of business card stocks and finishes, including cutting edge Spot UV Business Cards and Fold Over Business Cards.

We are highlighting these Boonville Barber Shop business cards for their unique and sleek design. These cards prove that something as simple as a vertical layout and a black-and-white color scheme can make a business card stand out. Not to mention, we love the focus on their simplistic, yet creative and effective logo. Check out their website here! 

Product Spotlight: Website Development 


Is your website still living in 2010? Do customers have trouble finding your business online? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, it might be time for a makeover. At Evolve Impact Group, we specialize in website development and design. In carrying out this process, we focus on brand identification and ensure that your brand is consistent throughout the entirety of your website. Additionally, if you need special features embedded within your website like on-line check-in or order processing, we can work with you to develop these. Lastly, what good is a great website if it can't be found? At Evolve, our websites are responsive and built using the latest HTML5 and bootstrap technology. Additionally, we content management services which is not only easy for the end user to update, but also sets your website up for maximum search engine placement. For more information on our website design process, offerings, and pricing, visit our website here!

This month, we're highlighting the Huffines Institute for Sports Management and Human Performance Website. This website features sleek design, high quality imagery, and in-site features like a blog, reference videos, articles and podcasts. To check out their website or learn more about the Huffines Institute, visit their website here!