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Five Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Graphic Designer

As a small business owner, startup costs are a concern and it’s important to be financially responsible. However, cutting corners when designing your marketing materials can be a costly mistake.  Quality graphic design requires a creative expert. A professional graphic designer will know the best approach to sharing your business information with your potential customers. Here are five reasons why you should rely on a professional graphic designer for your marketing materials.

  1. Keeps your look consistent - A professional designer will know which fonts to use and will be able to keep the font sizes and colors consistent to ensure that all your marketing materials consistently communicate your brand’s message. If you have used a designer in the past and then try to copy their work on your own, your look and feel may be inconsistent, leading to brand confusion.
  2. Saves money - A professional designer will be familiar with the most cost-effective ways to design your marketing materials, lowering your printing costs. Designing your own materials using Microsoft Publisher can be time-consuming and the results will be expensive to print.
  3. Saves time - As a small business owner, you have many demands on your valuable time. A professional designer can create marketing materials in a quarter of the time that it would take you to do it yourself.
  4. Provides an honest perspective - You may have wonderful ideas for the design of your marketing materials - perhaps a favorite color, inspirational photo, or a catchy slogan. Sometimes these ideas are brilliant; other times they aren’t in line with your business goals or lack innovation. A professional designer will tell you the truth because they don’t want to be associated with anything less than perfection.
  5. Creates industry-standard deliverables. Amateur designers often create low-resolution images that aren’t created as vector files. A vector file can be scaled up or down without losing quality and is the industry standard for logo design. Without the right tools, it will be impossible to expand your brand as your business grows. A professional designer will provide you with the right files to use both in printed materials and in your digital marketing efforts. He or she will provide both color and black and white options and will make sure you understand how to use your files.

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