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Unlock the Power of AI: How to Create Engaging Content on Your Website

In today’s digital world, businesses must stand out in a crowded online market. One way to accomplish this is by providing high-quality, engaging content on their websites. But creating that content can be expensive and time-consuming – especially for small businesses with limited resources.

That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. AI-generated content offers businesses an efficient and cost-effective way to produce content that informs and engages their target audience. Read on to learn how AI-generated content works, its pros and cons, and how to use it on your website.

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What is AI-generated content?

AI-generated content is content produced by artificial intelligence – specifically machine learning algorithms. These algorithms analyze data and patterns to create engaging and relevant content for the desired target audience.

AI-generated content includes copy such as product descriptions, blog posts, news articles, and social media posts written by a machine.

It’s important to note that this technology is intended to supplement, not replace, human thought or creativity.


What does Google say about using AI-generated content?

In February 2023, Google published an official statement on AI content. As a search engine, their focus is to provide quality results for users, regardless of how the content is created.


What are the pros of using AI-generated content?

The benefits of AI-generated content help businesses create engaging content while saving time and money.

  • Increase productivity and efficiency. AI tools enable you to produce content quickly, significantly increasing productivity and efficiency. Using AI for your website ensures that you always have fresh content.
  • Improve SEO. AI pulls from popular and SEO-optimized content. This is especially helpful if you are unsure how to write using specific keywords.
  • Save money and time. Using AI to generate content can be more cost-effective than hiring professional writers, which is beneficial for small businesses with limited budgets. 
  • Boost content scalability. AI tools allow you to expand your content quickly to meet the needs of a growing business. The amount of content required for your website usually increases as your business grows, and AI-generated content can help meet this demand.


What are the cons of using AI-generated content?

While AI-generated content has many advantages, some challenges and limitations also come with this technology.

  • Potential SEO issues. Poorly written content can negatively affect your SEO – and with AI, you don’t always get top quality. Even though Google accepts AI-generated content, it must be “helpful, reliable, people-first content.”
  • Plagiarism risks. AI collects information from multiple sources to create content but doesn’t provide citations. That means an artist or author could sue for plagiarism.
  • Inconsistent or poor quality. The AI-generated content you receive may have different levels of quality each time. While it won’t have typos, the writing style may sound repetitive or monotonous. AI can’t replace human creativity.
  • Similar content as other websites. If other businesses use the same AI tools that you use, the content will likely be similar.
  • Human proofreading and editing are needed. Never upload AI-generated content without proofreading and editing it first. AI won’t detect inaccurate or offensive content.


4 ways to use AI-generated content on your website

1. Use AI for keyword research. Conducting keyword research is a time-consuming task. AI tools can quickly discover keywords using a thorough and efficient process – saving you valuable time.

2. Use AI to generate blog post ideas. Coming up with blog topic ideas can take time and effort. You can use AI tools to find relevant ideas simply by asking, “What are good blog topics for dentists?” and get a helpful list of ideas.

3. Use AI to create blog post images. Looking through endless stock photos is overwhelming and time-consuming. AI tools to the rescue! You can even find tools that create unique pictures for your specific need.

4. Use AI to write product descriptions. Before AI, you only had two options for creating product descriptions – use the manufacturer’s descriptions or write them yourself. Now, many AI software options can quickly create compelling product descriptions for you.  


Bottom Line

Although AI is a valuable tool for automating certain processes, it also has drawbacks. Instead of entirely relying on AI for content, use it to help your business grow in a way that incorporates your creativity.

At Impact Group Marketing, we use cutting-edge technology to provide more efficient service to our clients, but we mainly rely on the creativity and expertise of our team to deliver the best results. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you make an impact in your industry.