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How to Prepare for Your Business Photo Shoot

Smiling pictures of your employees make clients comfortable with your business by creating a positive connection in their minds. You’ll make a great first impression when customers see your real team in your real office space because they’ll see your company as authentic.

Along with headshots of your team, consider getting group and candid photos to use for marketing on your website, social media, and print materials.

Here are some helpful tips to make your company photoshoot smooth and successful.

One to Two Weeks Before the Photoshoot

These important details should be finalized at least one or two weeks before the photoshoot:

  • Select some sample photos you like so we can better understand your inspiration and preferences.
  • Determine what background color you want for the headshots.
  • Think about what style you want to achieve in your photos. If you’re unsure, we can guide you through some options and help you make the final choice of background/style.
  • Do you plan to hire a makeup artist to help with light touch-ups on the day of the photoshoot?
  • What type of photos do you need?
    • Headshots
    • Down to the waist
    • Full body
    • Horizontal, vertical, or square
  • What are the photos for?
    • Website
    • Social media
    • Print materials
    • Advertisements
  • What is the tone of the photoshoot?
    • Approachable and friendly
    • Creative and fun
    • Serious and professional
    • Modern and dynamic
  • Where will the photoshoot take place?

If you’re doing the photoshoot in your office, have an allocated spot for headshots. Your team members will feel more comfortable and relaxed if their pictures are taken in a private space, like a conference room or a quiet hallway.

  • How many people will be photographed?

Prepare and print a final list of all the people involved in the photoshoot. It’s also a good idea to create a timesheet with a specific time for each person. On average, it takes about 5-10 minutes per person. (If you hired a makeup artist for light touch-ups, schedule a few more minutes into the timing.)

A Day or Two Before the Photoshoot

  • If you have security in your building, register the photographer’s information with them.
  • Make sure the conference room or allocated area is clean and ready for the photoshoot.
  • Send a reminder to your team. Here are some important details to include:
    • What time they should be ready for their headshot.
    • Do you want them to wear a company shirt or particular color?
    • Be specific about what you want them to wear. Are you going for a professional or casual look? Consider asking them not to wear busy patterns.
    • Encourage them to get a good night’s sleep before the shoot, so they look rested and refreshed.

The Day of the Photoshoot

  • Make sure the photographer has access to the building and photoshoot area. It will take about 30 minutes to set up the lighting, cameras, tripods, etc.
  • Set up items your team may need before they’re photographed – mirror, lint rollers, blotting paper, finishing powder, etc.
  • Offer the photographer water and snacks.
  • Relax and smile for the camera!

Are you ready to put a smiling face to your company name? Follow these tips, and you’ll be ready for a successful photoshoot! If you have any questions about your upcoming photo shoot, contact us today at, and we’ll be happy to help.