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70% of North Americans use social media daily.

More than any other advertising platform, social media advertising helps maximize your brand’s visibility and user engagement.  There are many different platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn that have a paid advertising option. These types of ads consistently deliver great value because you can target your audiences so specifically. They are also still very inexpensive relative to other types of traditional and print marketing.

Social Media Paid Advertising allows you to put your services, products, and brand directly in front of the people whose interests match your target demographic.

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Impact Group Marketing - Paid Advertising



Impact Group Marketing- Social Media Paid Advertising

Why Choose Impact Group Marketing?

  • Impact Group Marketing is a Facebook Marketing Partner. Our certified team monitors your campaigns daily and makes changes as necessary to ensure that your campaign budget, regardless of size, is utilized efficiently to maximize results
  • Our services include monthly reporting, daily monitoring, and affordable pricing
  • No minimum budget and no contracts
  • Customers retain access to all campaigns and ad groups

If you have questions about Social Media Paid Advertising and if it is the right marketing solution for your organization, contact Impact Group Marketing today!

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You know your ideal customer and we know social media advertising. Let us help get your brand in front of the right people. Contact us today for a FREE consultation or to learn more.